Thursday Specials

The Junior $6.50
Chicken salad on rye with lettuce, tomato & banana peppers

The Proposal $4.75
Grilled swiss& provolone on texas with lettuce, tomato, red onion & nances

Todays Quiche
Baked Potato
Sausage Dijon

Todays Soup
Turkey Hummus
Potato Leek


Wednesday Specials

Turkey Trott $6.50
Turkey, swiss, sweet peppers, lettuce, & tomato pesto on rye

French Bread $5.25
Pepporoni, Mozzarella & sauce on grilled french bread

Todays Quiche
Artichoke, Spinach & Italian Cheese
Sausage Dijon
Ham, Cheddar & Spring Vegetable

Todays Soup
Beef Stroganoff